[Webinar] Are You Ready for a Brand Owned Community?

It's time to take back your consumer relationships from social media platforms. Discover how online brand communities can become your marketing superpower.

Your audience is waiting.

The Community Answers You've Been Seeking

Online brand communities are proven to increase net promoter scores, scale engagement, drive advocacy, acquire new consumers, and drive repeat purchase.

But how do you know when you’re ready to take that next step and build a thriving community destination for your audience?

In this webinar, hosted for Loyalty360, Susan Frech, CEO of Vesta, shares the things you need to know to activate Community Powered Marketing for your brand.


- 3  factors that determine when your brand is ready

- 3 building blocks that ensure success

- Case studies from CPG, Food & Beverage, and Travel brands 

Marketers Share Why Community Was Right For Them

These brand marketers sat where you are once. Hear what they have achieved with Community Powered Marketing.

eBook Avatar Maureen Wolpert-1 Quotation marks

“What Generation Good (Community) does is take awareness to a whole new level with engagement. The thing that surprised me the most has been how great the reaction has been. It has grown tremendously.”

5 Star Rating
3-Jul-08-2021-07-50-25-34-PM Quotation marks

“We have a community where we can talk to people all the time and we want them to spread their love for ARM & HAMMER Cat Litter. We can actually disrupt the environment and disrupt our competitors.”

5 Star Rating
2-4 Quotation marks

“Platforms like Instagram and email are one-way communication channels. With Vesta, we are building a community of fans that are invited to co-create with us, which depend the relationship with reach member and ultimately convert fans into advocates.”

5 Star Rating

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