Debunking the Six Myths of Brand-Owned Consumer Communities


Brand-owned consumer communities are a proven strategy for driving engagement, fostering loyal one-to-one relationships, yielding strategic insights, and growing brand share. Are you still on the fence about getting one started for your business?

Let’s work through some of the misconceptions that might still be holding marketers like you back:

  • Myth 1 Who needs a community when I’ve already got a Facebook page and a CRM?
  • Myth 2 Brand communities are only for lifestyle brands
  • Myth 3 It’s like throwing a party, and no one shows up
  • Myth 4 Communities are so much work—you have to engage with members every single day
  • Myth 5 You need to be a trailblazer, do a lot of learning yourself and start from scratch
  • Myth 6 Communities don’t grow the bottom line —and probably aren’t measurable
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