Are you getting consumer incentives wrong?

Discover the 5 Personas you need to know to accelerate your Online Brand Community building and enhance your loyalty and rewards programs.

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Consumer Incentive Guide

Find a balance between transactional engagement and deeper motivations to fuel long-term consumer relationships. We asked 14,000+ consumers about what sparks action for them. Learn what they had to say.

Make Sure Your "Carrots" Are Worth 24 Carat

This guide will reveal the audience segments and strategies you can
harness to spark action and build community engagement.

Incentives Made Easy: 5 Personas That Accelerate Brand Community Building

All brands are challenged to keep consumers engaged and foster participation. Yet many brands think discounts or rewards are the only way to keep a consumer’s attention.

Vesta surveyed over 14,000 consumers and identified five key personas, and the incentives that drive them, as a shortcut for marketers to fuel personalized engagement and drive loyalty and advocacy across any brand community or loyalty and rewards program.

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Delivering Incentives That Deliver Loyalty

These marketing experts – happy Vesta customers all – use online brand communities to engage and incentivize their consumers, build lasting loyalty and advocacy, and drive business impact. Learn more in the ebook.

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“You’re bringing them more into the fold and adding value to their life outside of just ‘eat my ketchup’. We also offer you a recipe. You also can talk directly to nutritionists if you’re interested. So we have all these touchpoints and connection points to make you believe in the brand and build this authority outside of just ‘buy, buy, buy’ and ‘you need this product.’ The added value element is extremely important.”

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“These new consumers come into the community maybe having not tried the brand or only having tried the brand once or twice, it opens up sort of like the world of Veggies Made Great to them. We share information about new distribution with them, we share offers with them.”

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There was just so many “ aha” moments for the brand at the time. We could use (the community) to leverage new creative or to think about new packaging ideas or just go to Target if we’re going to launch a new item, to get the message out there, to get that foot traffic. It’s having that rich, thorough, loyal program to really help the brand.

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